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Guidance » Scheduling & Curriculum

Scheduling & Curriculum

Schedule Changes

To request a schedule change students must fill out the blue request for schedule change form located in the guidance office.
The following is a list of guidelines for schedule change requests:
  • The deadline for a schedule change is the 15th day of the semester.  Any change requested after this date will need to be approved by the principal.
  • The time of day you have gym or lunch cannot be changed unless you have a documented medical reason for the change.
  • Request to switch teachers cannot be considered.  If there is an issue with a teacher contact the principal.
  • You cannot drop or change an elective that you selected as a first choice or alternate on your course selection sheet.

Course Catalog & Scope and Sequences

Below is the link to the current course catalog, which lists all classes offered as well as a brief description.  The scope and sequence of each subject area is attached after the descriptions.  Please keep in mind that course offerings (electives) vary from year to year depending on availability and student interests
Independent Study

Students are eligible to take an independent study in certain areas if a particular set of requirements are met and the teacher is willing to oversee the student.  If interested in taking an independent study please see principal.

Curriculum & Credit Requirements

A minimum of 24 credits as well as specific curriculum requirements are required for graduation from St. Marys Area High School.  Each student must carry a minimum of 7 credits per academic year and complete specific curriculum requirements. The College Prep curriculum prepares students for entry into a 4 year college or university and requires that students take a minimum of 2 years in the same foreign language.  The College Prep Accelerated curriculum is designed for students who are planning on entering a career field that is highly math and/or science oriented.  Along with the foreign language requirement, students will take and extra credit in math and complete the advanced sciences courses.  In addition to our college prep curriculum our school offers 3 cluster areas in the Career/Technical Education program (CTE).  These areas are:
  • Building Construction Occupations (BCO)
  • Health-Related Technology (HRT)
  • Metal Working Occupations (MWO).  

The CTE curriculum is designed so that students can enter the workforce or choose to continue their education at the collegiate or technical level by pursuing a 2 or 4 year degree.  Each of these areas along with the college prep curriculums are outlined in the Program of Studies booklet.