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Counseling Services

The Student Assistance Program (SAP)

The Student Assistance Program is designed to assist students with all types of social-emotional problems, drug and alcohol issues, adjustment or transition problems, teen pregnancy (or prevention), grief and loss, divorce and much more. If you feel you are experiencing any type of problem that is interfering with your ability to succeed in school then you might want to take advantage of this program. This program is provided free of charge and is completely confidential. If you feel this program would be beneficial for you and would like to receive more information please feel free to contact any of the SAP team members listed below.
The SAP team consists of:
Leigh Aaron (School Counselor) - [email protected]
Shelbie Benjamin (School Counselor) - [email protected]
Julie Chicola (School Nurse) - [email protected]
Ann Defilippi (Teacher) - [email protected]
Jen Decker (Teacher) - [email protected]
Amanda Kunes (Teacher) - [email protected]
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services

This agency is located in St. Marys and can provide a wide variety of counseling/services for individuals struggling with addiction issues to drugs and alcohol. They are also linked to our schools SAP program and can provide services to our students including outpatient drug and alcohol counseling, drug and alcohol education, small group counseling, tobacco education, classroom instruction and more. If you feel you are in need of services through this agency you can contact their office directly at
781-1700 or visit their website or contact a member of the SAP team.

HOPE Program

This is a program run by Dickinson Inc and is designed to provide outpatient therapy in the school setting. Services are provided to students during the school day, which helps to reduce the amount of class time students would miss. This program can help with a wide range of mental health and behavioral concerns including but not limited to ADHD, adjustment issues, depression, anxiety, trauma/abuse, suicidality, anger/aggression, eating disorder, self-injury (cutting). If you feel this program would be beneficial for you contact Dickinson Inc at 776-2145 or visit their website or contact a member of the SAP team.


This is a prevention program run through the Guidance Center and is designed to educate teens on the harmful consequences of risk taking behaviors. They can offer education to students pertaining to peer pressure, sexuality, consequences of early sexual involvement, dating, sexually transmitted diseases/infections and more. This program can also offer support/counseling to pregnant and/or parenting teens. If you feel this program would be beneficial for you contact the Guidance Center at
776-1636 or visit their website or contact a member of the SAP team.

Children and Youth Services (CYS)

The Elk County office of Children and Youth Services provides social services to children and their families from birth to 18 years. The Agency works with families who are experiencing problems related to the safety and well being of children and/or youth. With families as partners, the agency strives to assist members in effectively resolving difficulties. In the event of suspected child abuse or neglect, the Agency determines if an allegation is accurate, then takes steps to protect children when necessary. If you feel this program would be beneficial for you contact CYS at 776-1553 or visit their website or a member of the SAP team.

CAPSEA Inc (Citizens Against Physical, Sexual and Emotional Abuse)

CAPSEA is an agency that provides confidential ongoing services to all victims of physical, sexual and emotional abuse in Elk and Cameron counties. They offer a wide variety of support for individuals who are victims of such abuse. Some of the these services include, emergency shelter, permanent housing program, domestic violence program, sexual assault program, prevention education, and support groups. If you feel this program would be beneficial to you contact CAPSEA at 772-1227 or visit their website or a member of the SAP team.


This is a partial hospitalization program operated by Dickinson Inc. This is a place for adolescents to receive mental health counseling during the time they would be in school. They also receive academic instruction through out the day with work provided by their school. This program allows adolescents to remain in their homes and as a part of their school district while getting help managing their symptoms and behaviors. If you feel this program would be beneficial contact Crossroads at 389-4515 or visit their website or contact a member of the SAP team.

Dubois Regional Medical Center Adolescent Unit –Inpatient Unit

The child and adolescent program is offered to young people, under age 18, exhibiting behavioral health problems impairing their ability to function in the home or school. Among the types of problems treated through the adolescent unit are eating disorders, schizophrenia, adjustment reactions, affective disorders such as depression and bipolar, and severe attention deficit disorders. The program emphasizes, in addition to intensive therapies, the benefits of a stable, therapeutic community. Support and counseling for parents and family are also integral to the program, and classroom instruction with a certified special education teacher enables the patients to sustain studies while hospitalized. All patients are seen daily by a board certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and members of a multidisciplinary treatment team. For more information regarding this program you can visit their website or contact a member of the SAP team.

Clarion Psychiatric Center – Inpatient Unit

This program can assist children and adolescents that are exhibiting behavioral health problems to develop effective coping skills and build self-esteem to be able to return home and back to school. Youngsters of kindergarten age through teenage years are treated in designated services; children as well as adolescent male and females are on secure units and are separated from the adults at all times. For more information regarding this program visit their website or contact a member of the SAP team.

Signs of Suicide Program (SOS)

This is a program run through Dickinson Inc that is offered to every 10th grader on a yearly basis. Students will review a video showing different scenarios that will help students understand the sign and symptoms of depression/suicide. It will also teach them about A-C-T (Acknowledge Care Tell) and what to do if they recognize these signs/symptoms in themselves or a friend. Students will also take a brief screening for depression and have the opportunity to speak to a counselor if needed. Parents of 10th graders will receive a letter in the mail a few weeks prior to the presentation of the program that details the program. If you have any questions regarding this program, contact a SAP team member.