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Dual Enrollment & College Credit


*Course offerings and prices are subject to change.*




Students take their regular high school course and then receive college credit for that course.  Your child’s teacher at our high school partners with a faculty member from Pitt to ensure that the course content matches.  The cost of this program is $125.00 per course.  Applications are available from the classroom instructors and are due by October 31.  The following is a list of the St. Marys Area High School courses that qualify and the corresponding Pitt course:


St. Marys High School Course                             Pitt Equivalent

AP English 12                                                           ENG 0110 Literature and Interpretation (3 credits)

Accelerated Economics                                          ECON 0101 Econ. In the Modern World (3 credits)

Algebra 3 Trigonometry                                          MTH 0132 Pre Calculus (4 credits)

Calculus                                                                     MTH 0140 Calculus (4 credits)

Accelerated American Government                      PS 0102 American Political Process (3 credits)

Marketing Essentials                                               MGMT 0110 Principles of Management (3 credits)

Spanish 3, 4, or 5 (can only receive credit once)      SPAN 0201 Intermediate Spanish I (3 credits)

Accounting                                                                ACCT 0201 Financial Accounting Concepts (4 credits)

General/Accelerated Physics                                 PHYS 0103 Concepts of Modern Physics (3 credits)




Students take their regular high school course and then receive college credit for that course.  St. Marys Area High School teachers are certified by St. Francis to teach the college level course.  The cost of this program is $58 per credit.  Most of these courses are 3 credits, totaling $174.00 per course ($260 for Physics). Enrollment is completed online and must be done so by October 31st. Applications are available from your classroom instructor. The following is a list of the St. Marys Area High School courses that qualify and the corresponding St. Francis course:


St. Marys Area High School Course                  St. Francis Equivalent

Biology w/Lab                                                          BIOL 101 General Biology (3 credits)

Statistics (Mr. Schreiber)                                        STAT 101 Statistics I (3 credits)

Spanish 4                                                                   SPAN 112 Beginning Spanish I & II (3 credits)

Spanish 5                                                                   SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish I (3 credits)

German 4                                                                   GERM 112 Beginning German I & II (3 credits)

German 5                                                                   GERM 201 Intermediate German I (3 credits)

General or Modern Physics                                                PHYS 121 General Physics I (4 credits)

Pre-Calculus (Mrs. Caskey)                                   MATH 110 Pre-Calculus Math (3 credits)






Students take their regular high school course and then receive college credit for that course.  Mount Aloysius reviews instructors and course content before granting approval for dual enrollment status. Applications are available through the classroom instructor with a deadline of Oct 3rd.  The cost of this program is $55 per credit, totaling $165 for a 3 credit course ($220 for a 4 credit course). The following is a list of the St. Marys Area High School courses that qualify and the corresponding Mount Aloysius course:


St. Marys Area High School Course                  Mount Aloysius Course

AP Senior English                                                    ENG 102 Intro to Literature (3 credits)

Calculus                                                                     CM 117 Calculus I (4 credits)

Algebra III Trig (Mr. Snelick)                                 CM 113 Pre Calculus (3 credits)

Accelerated/Modern Physics                                 SC 105 Physics I (4 credits)


CLARION UNIVERSITY (grades 10 – 12)


Students are eligible to take Clarion University courses at a greatly discounted rate of tuition. Courses are available in an online format or sometimes at the university on weekends. Visit the Clarion website at and search for “dual enrollment” for the application and more information.



PENN STATE UNIVERSITY (grades 11 & 12)


Junior and Senior students are eligible to take Penn State courses while still enrolled in high school.  Students must have a GPA of 2.8 or higher. Juniors can take one course during the fall semester and one course during the spring semester. Seniors can take up to 8 credits per semester.  Students must earn a grade of a “C” or better in order to continue in the program.  Students in this program can take courses at a 50% reduction in tuition.  Please contact the Penn State DuBois Admissions Office for more information at 814-375-4720.





This is program through which Gannon University has partnered with the Northern Pennsylvania Regional College to offer high quality collegiate level courses at a community college price.  This program is open to high school juniors and seniors as a Dual Enrollment opportunity. High school students pay approximately $60 per credit ($180 for a 3 credit course).  Please contact Jocelyn Hamilton Bash for more information at 814-603-1229 or  More information about the program is also available by visiting their website at

*All classes take place at the Community Education Center (CEC) in downtown St. Marys.*



This is a program through Mansfield University that allows qualified high school students to take courses online, hybrid, or face-to-face format to earn college credit while still in high school.  The cost of each course is approx $236, not including some fees. Specific courses are available each semester. Interested students should stop in the guidance office for more information or visit and click on Early Start Program.