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Career Exploration & Selection

(Finding a Career that is Right for You!)

What do you want to be when you grow up? This is a question that you have heard many times throughout your life, but probably have not given it serious thought until now. Planning for your future is a very exciting and sometimes stressful time. No one else can do it for you, you must take the initiative and make some decisions- it is your life after high school. One way to do this is to obtain the best information possible before you make any major decisions. When planning your future career, it is best to look at your interests, abilities, values and personality. Studies have shown that these four components serve as the best foundation for career decisions. The personal development class you took in 9th grade gave you valuable tools and resources to help with your career decisions and planning.

Below is a listing of online resources that can be helpful with career planning.

PA Career Zone: This is a free website that offers excellent career planning tools as well as a self-assessment component to help you understand what type of career would be right for you. It provides the most current and up to date career information related to Pennsylvania. To begin exploring this website click on the following link

My College QuickStart: This is a free online tool to assist students with college and career planning. Students must have taken the PSAT to access this site. It offers students a chance to take a personality test and then help them find majors and careers that fit your interests and strengths. It will also help you get started with a list of colleges based on your home state and major area to help begin your search. To take advantage of this site go to and type in your access code listed on your PSAT results. If you need a copy of your results stop in the guidance office.