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Planning for After High School

Direct to Work Force

For some students entering the work force directly after high school is a great option.  When filling out applications, be sure to use your best handwriting and answer every question.  If you are called for an interview, dress nicely, be early, and use good manners.  If you need help filling out an application or updating your resume see one of the counselors.

Technical Schools

Technical schools train students in specific technical occupations.  Examples include computer technology, radiology technicians, and cosmetology.  The time required to complete training varies from program to program, but most can be completed in two years or less

Trade Schools

Trade schools train students to enter the workforce in areas such as carpentry, masonry, plumbing, and auto repair.  The required time to complete training varies, but is usually completed in two years or less.

Business Schools

Business schools offer student training that leads to a certificate or Associates degree.  Programs include accounting, word processing, medical transcription/billing, and secretarial services.  The length of time required to complete these programs varies from less than a year to two years.

Community Colleges

Community colleges offer students training which usually leads to an Associates degree.  Students can receive narrowly focused training, which will prepare them for entry into various technical, business, and health related occupations.  It requires two years to complete most programs.  Students may also transfer credits to another college or university in order to complete a Bachelor’s degree.

Colleges and Universities

Colleges and universities offer a wide variety of programs and degrees.  Students are able to receive Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees.  The length of time required to complete a program varies from program to program and from degree to degree.


A student can pursue a military career after high school in the following three ways.  First, the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard each have academies for officer candidates.  Each academy offers intense programs equipping individuals with leadership skills.  There is stiff competition for the few openings that exist at each academy.  Second, enlisted personnel of all five branches have the opportunity to earn college credits while enlisted.  Enlisted personnel can also take advantage of aid such as the GI Bill after being discharged.  Third, college students may enroll in the Reserve Officers Training Corps or ROTC.  In exchange for either full-time active duty or part- time duty in the Reserves or National Guard, a college student may receive aid through an ROTC scholarship.

Helpful Websites for College Planning – This website is brought to you by the SAT organization. It offers separate sections for students and parents. It also provides a college matchmaker section, which is a very thorough college search tool, SAT registration, SAT preparation, career exploration, scholarship searches, financial aid information and much more. – This is the YouCanGo! Website sponsored by the College Board Organization. It is a site that serves as an entry point for lower-resourced students who need more help and practical support to begin the college journey. There are useful resources for students who are the first in their family to pursue a college education. – This website is sponsored by the ACT organization. It offers extensive information on career selection and planning, college selection and planning, financial aid, and ACT preparation and registration. – This website offers SAT and ACT test preparation, college searches, financial aid information, and scholarship information. The website often offers a free mini-SAT exam for practice. – This website is sponsored by the American Education Service. It offers great career exploration, a comprehensive post-secondary school database (including vocational and technical schools), and financial aid information. – This website is sponsored by PHEAA in conjunction with AES. It is an excellent website including information about career exploration, college searches, financial aid information, online applications and much more. It also has links to as well as information about financial literacy and resources for elementary and middle school students. – This website offers virtual tours of college and university campuses nationwide. If you cannot visit a campus in person, this website is a good substitute. – This website offers an extensive career center, college searches, financial aid information, and scholarship searches. - Once you scroll past the ads, this site offers a very thorough technical and vocational school database. The only drawback is the information is limited to the school name, address and phone number.

Military Websites:

Army –
Air Force –
Navy –
Marines –
Coast Guard –
Air National Guard –
Army National Guard –

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The following link will take you to a timeline that sophomores, juniors, and seniors can use to ensure that they are on the right track with their college planning.