Academic Help

Facilitators Office

The facilitator’s office is a tutoring office available to all students before, during and after school.  They can assist students with help in any of their subjects.  During the school day students can go to the facilitator’s office during a study hall or advisory period.  Students can also set up a time before and/or after school to receive help.  You can contact the facilitator’s office directly at 781-2351 to set up tutoring help.

Study Hall

Every student has a study hall period that meets every other day for the entire school year.  During this time students are able to utilize the facilitator’s office to receive help in any class that they are struggling in.  They can also go to the library to do research if needed.  Students can also use their study hall teacher as a resource person if help is needed.

Talking with Teacher

If you are struggling with a particular class, one of the best ways to receive help is to talk to the teacher of that class.  Select a time that is best for you and the teacher.  If you are unsure ask them when the best time is to ask them questions related to the class.  Be specific about the questions you have.  For example, reference particular concepts/lessons that you are struggling with so they know how to help you the best.  Don’t just go to them and say I don’t get it.  If you are having a hard time tracking the teacher down, e-mail them and get the process started.


The following list of websites can assist you with a variety of help in the areas of academic work.  They range from help with specific classes to brushing up on your study skills.  Check out the websites below and find the one or ones that work for you.
Khan Academy - 

School House - 

Spark Notes –

Cliffs Notes –

Hippocampus –

S.O.S Mathematics –

In Math –

The Physics Classroom –

Study Spanish –

How to Study –