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Student Assistance Program » Confidentiality & Parent Involvement

Confidentiality & Parent Involvement

The team keeps the information collected as confidential as possible. Parents are contacted early in the process. In cases of physical and sexual abuse, Children and Youth Service and Childline must be called.

The purpose of parental involvement is to share data collected from teachers concerning the student's behavior and academic performance. S.A.P. services are explained, then permission is sought to work with the student. This is usually done before the student even knows that he/she has been referred. The purpose of the parent contact is NOT to share every little detail that the student has ever shared with a team member or counselor.

If the student does go into counseling with mental health or drug and alcohol, those counselors do NOT share details of their sessions with the student with the team members. The team only receives a very general report on their progress, and sometimes recommendations to help them function better in the school setting.