Saint Marys Area High School

977 S. St. Marys Rd., St. Marys, PA 15857 Phone: 814.834.7831
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It's about becoming a better person!


My name is Mrs. Michele Tripodi and I teach Chemistry.  Chemistry is the branch of science that studies the nature, characteristics, and changes of substances. The study of chemistry provides the fundamental building blocks for most scientific disciplines.  I teach General Chemistry, Chem Study with Lab, Advanced Chem Review and Advanced Chem Organic.  Chemistry is life and life is chemistry.


I was always interested in the sciences, and began my college career in Pharmacy.  After a few years, I decided that path was merely chosen for the monetary benefit and not my true aspiration.  I switched my major and pursued teaching.  Prior to my employment with SMASD, I taught at Elk County Catholic High School.  Before that, I was given the opportunity to have a paid internship with Borden Chemical, due to my major, and continued to work there throughout college as a quality control technician.  These endeavors have molded me into the person I am today.


My educational background consists of a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, from the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, 2000.  Along with my BS I received my Secondary Teaching Certification from UPB in a cooperative program with St. Bonaventure University.  UPB has since created a Chemistry Education Major.  I returned in 2001 to further my education and obtained my Elementary Certification to be better suited for the job market. 


My husband, Rick, and I have an amazing family.  My husband’s daughter, Lexi graduated in 2016 and is attending IUP and majoring in Business.  Riquel is in fourth grade, loves horses, and dances at April School of Dance.  Franki, our 3-year-old, is the epitome of the middle child, need I say more.  And Ricky, who is almost 1, is so far the most patient in our household, which I foresee to change. 


My goal is for my students to learn all they can in the short time they have with me.  I want them to respect the learning that happens while in my classroom and have a reason, other than “she was my chemistry teacher”, to remember me. 


My schedule for 2017-2018 is as follows

Pd 1 Advanced Topics in Chemistry

Pd 2 Prep

Pd 3 General Chemistry

Pd 4 S1 Study Hall

Pd 5/6 General Chemistry

Pd 8/9-10 Chem Study with Lab

Pd 10-11 Chem Study with Lab